Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration lawn mower

Vertical integration is what National Metalwares is known for. In fact, we control the entire process, from tube production to fabrication to shipping, with minimal outside processing. Moreover, this allows us complete control over every step of the manufacturing process. This includes:

  • Finishing
  • Powder coating
  • Component engineering

In turn, this gives you the advantage of lower overall costs and improved lead times. It should be noted, our dedication to complete vertical integration gives us a competitive advantage. 

Vertical Integration Process

Click below to learn how National Metalwares is vertically integrated.


Steel Coils

Vertical Integration with Steel CoilsCoils

First, the vertical integration process begins with hot rolled carbon steel. In fact, coils are purchased directly from the producing mills on the global marketplace. Moreover, deliveries come to our facility daily. Lastly, Once delivered, coils are slit to precise widths.


Tube Mills

Vertical Integration Tube MillsTube Mills

Next, steel tube is rolled on one of our three Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) tube mills. Moreover, the tube is then cut-to-length based on a specific part. Furthermore, we produce “mult” lengths to be cut into smaller pieces. Learn more.

Automated Tube Cutting

Vertical Integration Automated Tube CuttingAutomated Tube Cutting Services

Next, we cut steel tube into smaller lengths with automated tube cutting. In fact, it prepares them for additional fabrication. Moreover, the process produces a clean cut while maintaining the dimensional integrity of the tube ends.  Learn more.


Tube Bending

Tube Bending

Next, round shaped tubes are bent to create a specific part, such as a lawn mower handle. Learn more.

Powder Coating

Powder Coated Steel Tube

Two state-of-the-art powder coating lines ensure optimal coating. In fact, we monitor each product for adhesion, hardness, ductility and thickness. Moreover, our paint last the lifetime of your tubular components. Learn more.


Tube Welding

Our high-speed welding capabilities accommodates a wide range of custom parts and rapid changeover times. Learn more.

End Conditioning & Forming

End Forming

Did you know, we end form? In fact, we provide a variety of end finishing capabilities. In addition to wire-brush deburring, we end face and chamfer. Furthermore, our end conditioning and forming processes accommodate the tightest tolerances. Learn more.

Piercing, Flattening & Forming

Vertically Integrated PiercingPiercing, Flattening & Forming

Our press operations include arbor and arborless piercing. Moreover, we flatten, form and bend. In addition, we punch  various hole patterns. Finally, we notch and cope your steel tube. Learn more.



We deliver finished components from our doorstep to yours. In fact, UPG‘s transportation network allows us to ship anywhere in North America. Moreover, we move metal overseas via shipping containers. Finally, customizable delivery options meet your needs. Download our capabilities chart for details.