Vertical Integration

National Metalwares is highly vertically integrated, which means that the products we supply are manufactured solely at our facility with minimal outside processing. This allows us complete control over every step of the manufacturing process, from component engineering to finishing and powder coating. In turn, this gives you the advantage of lower overall costs and improved lead times. Our dedication to a complete vertical integration has given us a competitive advantage for more than 60 years. Contact us today and let us know how we can help your business enhance its value proposition.

Vertical Integration Process

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Steel Coils

The National Metalwares vertical integration process begins with hot rolled carbon steel coils that are purchased directly from the producing mills in the global marketplace. The coils are delivered to our plant directly via our transportation network, thus bringing your product’s journey to completion.


Tube Mills

Once delivered to our facility, coils slit to precise widths for the tube that will be produced are rolled on one of our three Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) tube manufacturing lines. The tube is then cut-to-length based on a specific part, or produced to a “mult” length that will be cut into smaller pieces on our automated tube cutting saws. Learn more.

Automated Tube Cutting

Our automated tube cutting centers are efficient at cutting tube sizes down to smaller lengths for additional fabrication and processes. This process produces a clean cut while maintaining the dimensional integrity of the tube ends. It has in-line end conditioning processes including de-dimpling and wire-brush deburring. Your part is constantly monitored via Statistical Process Control (SPC) and attribute gauges to ensure it meets your stringent tolerances. Learn more.



Our 12 in-house precision CNC benders deliver left and right with interpolation and push capabilities, allowing us the ability to manufacture unique designs, and our fabrication cells are highly flexible and cost effective. Our bending capabilities include: vertical press bending, horizontal press bending, mandrel, ball mandrel, wiper dies and high-speed compression. Learn more.

Powder Coating

Our two state-of-the-art powder coating lines include the following features, ensuring optimal coating of tubing and components: six-stage wash systems, multiple booths, automatic guns and powder reclamation system. After the powder coating has been electrostatically applied and cured, chemists monitor the cleaning and application processes. Finally, we monitor each product for adhesion, hardness, ductility and thickness, allowing only the highest quality product. Our paint will last the lifetime of your tubular components. Learn more.


We employ both manual and robotic welding cells. Our eight robotic welding cells provide the highest levels of productivity and cost effectiveness. Additional metal joining processes include projection and butt welding. We also design custom welding fixtures and jigs. We serve the lawn and garden, outdoor power equipment, residential, office and education furniture, and transportation markets. Our high-speed welding capabilities accommodates a wide range of fixture sizes, custom part sizes and production runs, and rapid changeover times. Learn more.

End Conditioning & Forming

Our highly vertically integrated structure and in-house technical staff are equipped to provide the following end treatments using our tube mills, automated cut-off machines, and standalone robotic fabrication operations: wire-brush deburring, end facing and chamfering, expansion, reductio, flanging, beading, and rotary swaging. Our end conditioning and forming processes can accommodate the tightest tolerances on tubular diameters. Learn more.

Piercing, Flattening & Forming

Our press operations include arbor and arborless piercing, flattening, forming, bending, various hole patterns and notching/coping to your specifications. We house more than 45 presses and eight automated fabrication cells. Our extensive industry understanding guarantees the best manufacturing methods are utilized for every operation. Learn more.


We deliver finished components from our doorstep to yours on time, every time. Our transportation network allows us to ship anywhere in North America. We also move metals overseas via shipping containers. Our customizable delivery options meet your needs, bringing you peace of mind.