Lawn and Garden Equipment

Cultivating the Next Generation of Lawn and Garden Equipment

You demand the best when it comes to lawn and garden equipment, from cutting to edging to mowing. As such, we are proud to supply ASTM A513 tubular component parts. In fact, when you use a snow blower, cut the grass or edge the bushes, it’s likely you are using a National Metalwares part! We are happy to help you keep your exterior as professional as your interior.


Your exterior is a first impression for visitors. Therefore, it’s important to us! That’s our tubular components found in the handles of the lawn mowers are fueled by processing technology and advanced machinery — helping ensure your lawn looks welcoming. 


Our ASTM A513 tubular component parts are used on world class snow removal equipment. Snow can be heavy and difficult to remove. As such, we combine expertise, top-of-the-line equipment and a strong work ethic to ensure our pieces are built to last, all winter long!


Did you know we produce tubular component parts for pressure washers? In fact, we enjoy our role in making your outdoor space presentable! From removing dirt from concrete to giving your business’ parking lots and sidewalks a pristine look, we stand behind the parts we manufacture.


Countless tools and resources help manicure vast, open spaces such as residential neighborhoods, city parks, fields that grow our nation’s food, and professionally landscaped campuses across the country. Truly, it is our honor that our component parts play a role in the American dream.

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