Providing Tomorrow’s Leaders with Functionality Today

In a time when schools are fluid in how they arrange classrooms to best facilitate education, teamwork and communication, our ASTM A513 tubular component parts provide the flexibility to go into furniture that fits all of the above. Our fabricated tube makes up the framework for the furniture used in schools. Education leads to the future success of individuals in our society. Our tubular components provide students the comfort and practicality needed for continued learning.


We believe in the relationship between mind and body. That’s why we pour so much sweat equity into manufacturing quality component parts for the chairs that go into classrooms–so we can feel like part of the success stories that schools all over the nation pour out each year. 


It’s difficult to get work done, and even more so without the right tools. National Metalwares supplies ASTM A513 tubular component parts that help make desks of all types possible. Strong, easily fabricated and timeless, our steel tubes continue to work–even when you’re not. 


Group activities are part of any education level. Due to this, we supply tube for tables that can seat multiple students. Concerned about the spread of illnesses that can result from group work? Visit our sister company, Mapes & Sprowl Steel, to learn about Agion Antimicrobial Treated Steel


An integral part of any school is its cafeteria. Our tubular parts are flexible in that they can go into any table design and any sized table you can dream up. Our tube also goes into the chairs in your school’s lunchroom. The furniture you’ll find our tube in is welcoming, comfortable and built to last. 

Give Your Students the Comfort and Functionality They Deserve