Blended Sourcing

National Metalwares provides the ultimate in blended sourcing opportunities. In fact, we have more than 15 years of experience and relationships overseas. Moreover, our sourcing office in Shanghai, China is seamlessly integrated with our domestic operations. This active office operates in several industrial cities specializing in diverse markets. Our office is staffed with expert quality & engineering professionals as well as administrative excellence, removing any pressure from our clients. Additionally, our leadership team is frequently in the factories in China, overseeing the interests of our clients.


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Blended Sourcing Moves At The Speed Of Business

In today’s world, we expect quality products fast. In fact, blended sources allows for the rapid launch of new products. This is possible because of short lead times for tooling, raw materials and equipment. In addition, you don’t have to wait for your steel tube to be fabricated. With all schedules controlled from Aurora, IL, we ensure you receive your fabricated steel tube, fast.

Along with our sister companies at UPG Enterprises, we work directly with mills across the world. Our strong relationships position us to be nimble and meet stringent demands. Moveover, we handle your high-volume jobs efficiently and at a lower cost, moving with the speed of your business.

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Domestic Manufacturing Matters

Blended sourcing ensures that National Metalwares is the low cost solution. Moreover, it minimizes your risk of any supply chain interruptions. Coupled with our domestic automation initiatives, we seamlessly use the right sourcing models. This ensures:

  • Lower costs
  • Quick speed to market
  • Quality that is second to none

Most importantly, our domestic workforce cares about your fabricated steel tube. In fact, they take great care and pride from production to fabrication, to shipping. Our 200+ strong team members work together to ensure you receive the best products. 

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