Raise the Bar of Your Interior Design

Our furniture division goes to great lengths to boost not only the look and feel of your restaurants, bars and banquet halls, but also to ensure your customers are comfortable. The comfort level of a customer at restaurants or bars could be a deciding factor in returning. Whether it’s our line of bar stools, chairs, premium and gaming stools or even our table top and base products, we are happy to be a small, but integral, piece of your success! When saving your customer a seat, make sure that seat comes from National Metalwares Furniture! 


Do you need a superior selection of custom-grade bar stools in a variety of colors, sizes, styles and finishes to meet your needs? Well, our furniture division offers traditional, bistro and diner or retro options to match any style and atmosphere. Elevate your design game with this line of quality bar stools!



Our furniture division supports you–literally and figuratively–with its distinguished line of chairs. Due to the variety, you’re assured to find a match for your design concept, whether it’s a banquet hall, restaurant or bar. Your customers will come for the comfort and stay because of the memories!



Not only can our furniture division’s premium heavy duty and gaming stool line be used to upgrade the look of your new (or re-designed) casino, but gamers can comfortably maintain their edge at the table. Additionally, this line offers a wide range of colors, sizes and styles!



The line of heavy-duty commercial table tops, bases and columns from our furniture division boasts the quality you demand to make your establishment feel like home for your clients. We are a proud manufacturer of the tubular components for the bases.

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