Building the Framework to Our Customers’ Success

One of our goals in partnering with companies has always been to enhance their value proposition. As a result, we become invested not only in the job at hand, but also in their success. Frankly, we root for them. In fact, for more than 60 years we have had our customers’ best interests in mind. After all, our core values reflect this. Scroll down to learn more about the areas of the transportation market that we proudly serve.


National Metalwares supplies tubular components found in the framework of the driver and passenger bus seats. We are proud to play a part in safely and comfortably transporting today’s generation of students, the workforce and leaders wherever they need to go. 


We keep essential business running through the production of tubular components in seat frames found in the cabs of heavy duty trucks, ensuring infrastructure never slows down. Along with leading manufacturers, we produce seats that keep North America on the road to success.


When the weekend arrives, and you are ready to hit the road and have some fun on your recreational vehicle. National Metalwares steel tubular components make up the skeleton of the interiors on these popular rides. Rest assured, you’ll be supported, so you can enjoy yourself.


Building the backbone of a society takes grit and determination. The steel tubular components we fabricate can be found in construction equipment across North America. From the handles to the seat framework, our products support the essential work of the construction industry.

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