End Forming

Customized End Forming Capabilities

When it comes to steel tubing, we believe in custom products, wide variety and quality. In fact, our end forming capabilities are no exception. We deliver on whatever process option you need.

Our tube mills, automated cut-off machines and standalone robotic fabrication operations provide a wide variety of end treatments. Generally, options include wire-brush deburring, end facing and chamfering. In addition, expansion, reduction, flanging, beading and rotary swaging are also available. Most importantly, our end forming processes accommodate tight tolerances on tubular diameters. By utilizing our state-of-the-art strategies and equipment, your steel tubing components are made to the highest quality. This cuts down on your production time to meet the most stringent deadlines.

Put the future of your success in our capable hands.

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Type of End FormingĀ 

  • Expanding connects a tube of a given diameter to one of equal or greater diameter. Also, expansion of the tube end allows insertion of the other part into it
  • Beading eliminates the need for welding, brazing or soldering shoulders on a tube. Moreover, on short pieces of tube, external beading can be performed on a punch press using a die
  • Press work or end-flattening, tubing will connect to a flat part with either a nut and bolt or a rivet. In addition, the tube end can also be flattened and then formed into a half-round to allow perpendicular joining to the O.D. of another tube
  • Swaging or reducing diameter, can be performed by hammering, press forging or spinning. Moreover, the operation generally increases the wall thickness but can be controlled by swaging over a mandrel.
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Custom Piercing, Flattening and Forming

Our automated and manual press operations include arbor & arborless piercing, flattening, forming, bending and notching/coping to your specifications. In fact, this gives you flexibility to configure various hole patterns. We also can pierce, flatten, bend, and notch/cope. In addition, the employment of dedicated tooling allows for custom solutions to your opportunities. Above all, we are vertically integrated, allowing us to oversee each and every step of the process.

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