End Forming

Customized End Forming Capabilities

When it comes to steel tubing, we believe in custom products, wide variety and quality. Our end forming capabilities are no exception. We deliver on whatever process option you need.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of end treatments via our tube mills, automated cut-off machines and standalone robotic fabrication operations. Options include wire-brush deburring, end facing and chamfering, expansion, reduction, flanging, beading and rotary swaging. Our end forming processes accommodate tight tolerances on tubular diameters. This ensures superior performance and eliminates process overhauls.

We cut down production time and preserve the precision of our cut-offs by integrating our automatic tube cutting machines with end forming equipment. Our state-of-the-art strategies and equipment ensure that your steel tubing components are high quality.

We are ready to collaborate with you to develop top-tier products that yield unwavering results. Put the future of your success in our capable hands.

More Product Availability

As a member of the UPG family, we have access to a wide array of flat roll steel manufacturing products and capabilities: