Tubular Steel Processing

National Metalwares is your go-to industry leader for high-volume tubular steel processing. We offer multi-market capabilities and superior quality across North America. Whether you’re searching for steel tubing for sale or OEM parts, we use the latest in tubular steel processing technology to perform our in-house services.

With engineering expertise and a vertically integrated manufacturing model, we are able to monitor the entire tubular steel process to provide products to your design specifications, always on time.


Automated Tube Cutting

Unique high-volume automated tube cutting technology results in unbeatable efficiency and clean-cut precision. With two automated tube cutting centers housing our state-of-the-art equipment, we’ve doubled production, offering you lowered costs and utmost specification adherence. In-line end conditioning includes de-dimpling and wire-brush deburring for limited runs or high-production batches. Learn more.


Our automated fabrication operations include: bending, piercing, end forming, swaging, flattening, deburring, chamfering, de-dempling, welding and powder coating. Learn more.


Our bending capabilities are specialized across a range of processes. CNC, twin head, and press bending are all utilized to your best advantage. Learn more.

End Conditioning/End Forming

Whatever your process requirements, our wide variety of end conditioning and end forming treatments are performed using automated and robotic equipment. Our efficient tech capabilities allow you to pay less for the most precise cutoffs. End treatments include wire-brush de-burring, end facing and chamfering, beading, and rotary swaging. Learn more.

Piercing, Flattening & Forming

Our talented technical team has mastered low-cost tubular fabrication.  Our automated processes, designed and built in-house, consist of the highest speed production methods in the industry. Tooled to your design specifications, these flexible cells are at your service. Learn more.

Powder Coating

Our two state of the art powder coating lines provide our clients nearly unlimited capacity and the highest quality standards available. Learn more.

Tube Mills

Our three in-house, high-speed tube mills exponentially accelerate tubular production at the highest quality levels. Choose from various grades of material and wall thicknesses customized to your designs. Features such as Statistical Process Control (SPC), I/D Weld Flash control, destructive testing, and a wide variety of attribute gauges ensure absolute adherence to product specifications regardless of the end-use. Learn more.


For your low and high volume welding needs, we offer highly skilled and certified welding professionals as well as eight robotic welding cells. Both options serve each of our markets’ complex requirements. Learn more.

Other Processing Capabilities

The UPG family of brands offers best-in-class processing capabilities. Learn more.

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