Advanced Fabrication

Advanced fabrication is a key aspect of our business. In fact, we use robots and flexible manufacturing cells to ensure top-notch quality. Moreover, this brings our capabilities to a whole new level, enhancing the way our clients meet production demands.

Advanced Fabrication Experts and Engineering Excellence

Unparalleled service is provided along with customizable, quality-controlled product development. In addition, our use of automation ensures we make the same product every time. As a result, our clients receive quality tubes at an accelerated pace. Moreover, this give you a competitive edge in the marketplace with lower cost parts. Did you know, we control each step of the steel tube fabrication process? In fact, this results in the highest quality in the industry. Finally, with more than 60 years of experience, our customer care has reached new levels thanks to the implementation of our automated and robotic work cells.

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Advanced Fabrication Matters

In today’s world, it’s important to utilize advanced fabrication techniques. At National Metalwares, we’ve made the investment in the right equipment. This ensures we can handle your business today and tomorrow. Some of the investments to our advanced fabrication techniques include:

  • Tube Bending: We have 12 in-house precision CNC benders that deliver left and right as well as interpolation and push capabilities. With this flexibility, we are able to manufacture to unique and demanding designs. Learn More.
  • Tube Welding: Eight robotic welding cells provide the highest levels of productivity and cost effectiveness.  Learn More.
  • Powder Coated Steel Tube: Our facility has two, fully automated state-of-the-art powder coated steel tube lines. Moreover, the lines include advanced features to ensure optimal coating of tubing and components. Learn More.
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