Powder Coating

Fully automated, our two state-of-the-art powder coating lines include the following features, ensuring optimal coating of tubing and components:

  • Six-stage wash systems
  • Multiple booths
  • Automatic guns
  • Powder reclamation system

Chemist-Approved and Engineer-Tested Powder Coating

We pride ourselves on total manufacturing autonomy, and our powder paint is no exception. Employing innovative processes, we have the capacity to yield exceptional bonding characteristics with our durable, solvent-free process.

After the powder coating has been electrostatically applied and cured, chemists monitor the cleaning and application processes. Finally, we monitor each product for adhesion, hardness, ductility, and thickness, allowing only the highest quality product.

A highly integrated company, National Metalwares controls all processes related to powder coating in-house with our own highly trained technicians.

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