End Conditioning & Forming

Customized End Conditioning Capabilities

When you buy steel tubing, you deserve custom products tailored directly to your individual company’s supply needs. And at National Metalwares, wide variety and top custom quality are what we stand behind. Our end conditioning and forming capabilities are no exception: whatever process option you need, we deliver.

Our highly vertically integrated structure and in-house technical staff are equipped to provide the following end treatments using our tube mills, automated cut-off machines, and standalone robotic fabrication operations:

  • Wire-brush deburring   
  • End facing and chamfering  
  • Expansion
  • Reduction
  • Flanging
  • Beading
  • Rotary swaging

Employing long and short tapers, our end conditioning and forming processes are designed to accommodate the tightest tolerances on tubular diameters, ensuring superior performance and eliminating process overhauls.

By integrating our automatic tube cutting machines with end conditioning equipment, we cut down production cycle times and preserve the precision of our cut-offs, simultaneously lowering costs for you. Our state-of-the-art production strategies ensure that your steel tubing components are consistently high quality, minimizing line-down problems and delayed lead times.

At National Metalwares, our clients are our partners. We collaborate with you to develop top-tier products that yield unwavering results at competitively low prices. Put the future of your success in our capable hands.